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Crisis Relief Account Solutions

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Our Crisis Relief Accounts give you the freedom to select the eligible expenses you want to cover under the account, including child care, utilities or other basic needs like groceries, depending on what your employees need most.  

Flexible Options for Added Financial Support

When turbulent times occur, you want to be there for your employees to help them cover unexpected costs associated with changes to their everyday work and family routines

ConnectYourCare's Crisis Relief Account solutions offer employers a way to quickly provide support to their employees when they need it most.

Address your employees' immediate needs by offering them an employer-subsidized, tax-advantaged Crisis Relief Account thelp them pay for unexpected expenses caused by a change in lifestyle or emergency situation.* 

Help your employees cover unexpected costs

Account Benefits

Ease employees’ worries with added financial support.



Convenient, easy to access, and minimal paperwork.


Employer chooses eligible expenses, funding and reimbursement options.


Get your employees covered quickly in a time of need.

Tailored solutions in times of need  

  • Child care
  • Housing
  • Utility and grocery

Covered Expense 
Category Examples:

Here are the plan design options:

  • Uniform - Accounts are funded the same across all employees.

  • Contribution-based - Accounts are funded with different tiers of contributions across employees. This option requires contribution files.

Funding Options:

  • Payroll - Employees submit claims online or using the ConnectYourCare mobile app. Employer issues reimbursements through employee paychecks. 

  • Traditional - Employees submit claims online or using the ConnectYourCare mobile app. ConnectYourCare issues reimbursements through direct deposit 
    or check. 

Reimbursement Options:

Crisis Relief Account Solutions

Tailored solutions in
times of need

Tailored solutions in 
times of need  

For more details, visit our FAQs 

*During a time of widespread disaster, personal, family, living, and other expenses under a Crisis Relief Account may qualify for tax-free reimbursement under Section 139 of the IRS Disaster Relief Payments tax law. Check with your tax and legal counsel to determine if your program qualifies for the tax exemption.